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BBX Mobile

BBX Mobile

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BBX Mobile
BBX Mobile is a location enabled mobile application to aid broadband providers with installing or troubleshooting cable modem services for their subscribers. BBX Mobile draws upon key data and reports from the cloud-based IBBS Broadband Explorer (BBX) platform, which allows cable and broadband operators to efficiently deploy, manage, and expand their advanced data services – from the subscriber-level, system-level, or enterprise-wide.

[Note: Users require a BBX account with mobile access enabled to use this Application. Please contact an IBBS Account Manager for assistance.]

With its built-in location sensory capabilities, technicians using BBX Mobile gain visibility not only into a single subscriber modem, but can also conduct a proximity search to view other modems in a specified area. BBX Mobile is simple and easy to use and increases efficiencies for field technicians attempting to conduct speedy installations or troubleshoot issues without having to visit each individual subscriber location. Reduced time in the field means happier customers and increased revenues, making this application essential for any broadband provider looking to advance their business.

With BBX Mobile, broadband providers can:
* Search by account number, subscriber name, phone number, mac address, or email address

* Conduct a proximity search, which lists results of all subscribers within a specified range (and have the ability to map the results)

* Drill down to a “live view” to see:

- subscriber data such as account number, account status, address, and phone number

(and, using an iPhone, the option to dial customers by clicking on their phone number)

- subscriber modem details

- port status of the selected subscriber

- map view of the subscriber, showing other subscribers/modem statuses in area

- subscriber equipment details such as vendor, mac address and IP

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