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Battery Info

Battery Info

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Battery Info
Battery Info
Have you ever wondered how long you can watch movies, listen music on iPod Touch or talk on your iPhone or iPod?

Battery Info provides you the current battery status of your iPhone or iPod Touch. It advise you how long you can talk, browse web, watch movies and listen music on your current battery charge.

Battery Info shows available hours of usage on application for each level of battery charge.

If you want to refresh battery info, just shake your iPhone or iPod Touch.


Battery Info
- Percentage of battery level
- Battery state: Full charged, Charging, Unplugged

Usage time
- Standby time
- Talk time on 2G and 3G network
- Internet on 3G and Wifi network
- Video playback time
- Music playback time

-Selected battery level: scroll the battery percent bar to see the level of battery and available hours
-Refresh battery info: shake your iPhone or iPod Touch
-Display device name

[Please Note]
-Battery remaining times are based on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch specifications.

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