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Baseball Pitch Radar Gun

Baseball Pitch Radar Gun

  • 大小:1.1M
  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:体育竞技
  • 系统:ios
Baseball Pitch Radar Gun
Baseball Pitch Radar Gun
Baseball Pitch Radar Gun
Baseball Pitch Radar Gun
Baseball Pitch Radar Gun
Baseball Pitch Radar Gun lets you calculate a pitchers pitch speed. It's simple yet feature rich at the same time. Supports full stat tracking of one or more pitchers, but if not needed it doesn't get in the way of simply recording pitch speeds.

Offers two modes for capturing pitch speeds, only radar gun app in the app store to feature both modes! Either just press the screen when the pitcher releases the ball and press again when the catcher catches the ball. Or if you prefer configure the app so that you press the screen when the ball is thrown and release when the ball is caught. It's that simple. Offering both modes makes Baseball Pitch Radar Gun the most configurable and most accurate pitch speed tracker in the app store.

** Features **
- Baseball: Calculates pitch speed at 60'6"
- Softball: Calculates pitch speed at 43'
- Little League: Calculates pitch speed at 46'
- Custom Distance: Calculates pitch speed at any distance!
- Two modes to capture pitch speed: "Tap to Start, Tap to End", and "Press, Hold, Release". The only radar gun app to offer both modes. Use the method that works best for you
- Keep track of one or more pitchers. Great for coaches
- Keep track of pitch sessions for multiple pitchers
- Keep track of each pitch thrown in a pitch session
- Support for both metric and imperial units
- Email pitch sessions. Email all data recorded in a pitch session to players, coaches, friends, or parents
- Pitch limit alert
- Retina display support
- Easy to use

Note: The recorded speed is an average speed using distance and time. The accuracy is dependent on getting an accurate time from the pitcher throwing the ball to the catcher catching the ball which is based on your reaction time.

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