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Bantam Lake Cyanos

Bantam Lake Cyanos

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Bantam Lake is located in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in northwest Connecticut and is a popular retreat destination throughout the year. Sadly, harmful algal blooms (a.k.a. Cyanobacteria Blooms or Blue-green Algae) occur annually in Bantam Lake. We created Bantam Lake Cyanos, a user-friendly interface between you (the user), the scientific community, and the lake managers. This app provides up-to-date forecasts of cyanobacteria abundance and activity patterns in Bantam Lake, current conditions of the lake are constantly updated. Over-abundant cyanobacteria release toxins harmful to both human and animal health.

Scientists and the lake managers need help from you, the local community. You have the greatest power to make a positive influence on Bantam Lake right now and for future generations. Download Bantam Lake Cyanos to report cyanobacteria activity in the lake by taking pictures, videos, or texts. This information will help policy makers, lake managers, and scientists make more accurate forecasts, management decisions, and policy for the lake and its community.

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