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The most valuable website for children as well as parents, now on IOS. We believe that, a generation with good sanskars (values) is the future of our Nation. Balsanskar.com aims at developing a cultured future generation.
Key Features :
1. Numerous short and detailed articles useful for children, parents & teachers available at your finger tips
2. Read articles in offline mode too
3. Access the latest articles of Balsanskar.com directly though this app
4. Fast and easy to use

Aim :
We believe that, a generation with good sanskars (values) is the future of our Nation. Balsanskar.com aims at developing a cultured future generation. This website is not just confined to imparting information but in the true sense is dedicated towards developing the personality of the child, through different columns on the website. Personality development is not merely at the physical, psychological and intellectual levels. It means going beyond that, to the spiritual level. Spirituality alone can give us the highest quality of happiness continuously, which we call Anand (Bliss).
The website is available in 4 languages - English, Hindi, Marathi & Kannada.

In order to sow the seeds of patriotism in young minds, various articles that teach children to respect the Nation are present on the website, Also, a separate section 'Glorious history' is included, which contains articles on the history of our ideal Saints, Sages and National heroes.

Also, a separate section named 'Hindu Dharma' provides information on each of the major Hindu festivals and explains the spiritual significance and correct method of celebrating each one of them.
An exclusive article about 'How to celebrate birthday' is included to explain the correct way to celebrate one's birthday as per our Holy scriptures.

Since we believe that parents and teachers play a major role in developing the personality of children, separate sections are available for parents and teachers. These sections contain articles which guide parents and teachers regarding disciplining children, imbibing correct values in them, developing their personality and thus, developing a cultured future generation.

Various articles such as 'If we want ideal kids', 'Parenting tips for disciplining children', 'How to inculcate good habits in children', etc. have been very useful for parents in bringing up their children in an ideal manner.

http://www.balsanskar.com is thus the most complete website for children as well as parents.

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