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Do you feel hard to remember when you fed your baby or changed diaper or washed?
Try Babying!
Babying is for recording time of parenting for novice mom and dad.

Features of Babying
- All you need to make an account is an email address.
- You can register multiple babies.
- You can record an event with time by 2-3 clicks averagely.
- You can invite other users by entering their email address. Share and manage your baby's information together.
- Baby's daily stats is provided.

How to use
(Make account)
- You can make an account with your valid email address and password.
(Register your baby)
- If you have never registered your baby, the register screen will appear after logged in.
- Register your baby by entering baby's name, birthday, and image(optional).
- Later, you can register more babies by clicking '+' button at the top right of the baby list screen.
(Add baby's record)
- Open the baby record screen by clicking a baby in the baby list screen.
- Add the baby's record by clicking floating '+' button at the bottom right of the baby record screen.
(Share your baby's record)
- Open options by left swiping a baby in the baby list screen.
- Click 'Share'.
- Enter user email who you want to share and manage the baby's records.
- The baby will appear to the user you share with.

If you have any inconvenience or comments please contact by email at any time.

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