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Baby Napper free

Baby Napper free

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Baby Napper free
Baby Napper free
"Baby Napper" provides white noise sound to help newborn babies calm down.
Why buy another baby accessory when your phone can do the job?

Calming sounds to ensure your baby drops off to sleep.

This is the fully featured free version with advertisements.
There is also a paid version available without ads.

This app includes calming natural sounds (ocean waves, rain) and "white-noise" (TV static, vacuum cleaner) to block out background noise and distractions.


✓ Highly optimized White Noise
✓ Comfort healing sound
✓ Multi-Tasking timer (upto 4 hours)

How does "Baby Napper" work?

✓ Newborn babies can have a difficult time to adjust to sudden and enormous environmental changes outside of mom's body.
✓ Their reaction to all of these is to cry and cry.
✓ White noise sounds like a noise that a fetus hears from the blood flowing through arteries near the womb.
✓ Thus, it can provide the similar environment like being inside of womb and it helps to calm or stop babies crying.
✓ This application provides a white noise which can be played over and over again with no worries.

* White Noise is known as harmless for babies. However, just incase, please avoid playing it for more than 30 minutes.

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