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Baby Food Chart

Baby Food Chart

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When should certain foods be introduced into your baby's diet?
More than 150 different foods and 150 recipes created specifically to fulfill your baby's nutritional needs and make your everyday planning easier, as well as professional articles about allergies, menus, and other nutrition related topics are available to you in this app.

The region, traditions and family eating habits, together with the main guidelines of competent institutions, are decisive factors in choosing the first foods to complement a baby's nutrition.

Each infant's nutrition is individual and different, which is why complementary feeding is adjusted to each baby and the selection and order of the ingredients is left to the parents. By taking on this role, the parents have to be aware of the responsibility that by introducing new foods to the baby's diet they are not merely putting food into their child's tummy, but also instilling lifelong attitudes towards food and nutrition!

For this reason it is good to follow the basic principles of complementary feeding, which is why the baby food chart has been made - to help the parents. The baby food chart serves to inform the parents and does not need to be strictly adhered to. Its task is to give the parents information on when, should they want to, they can introduce a particular food into their child's diet.
The baby food chart serves as an informative basis for creating and defining a child's complementary feeding plan.

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