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Babies Club Nursery

Babies Club Nursery

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  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:教育教学
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NOTE: This application access is restricted to Babies Club Nursery students and parents.

Key Features:
* Keeping you up to date on the Babies Club Nursery announcements.

**About Babies Club Nursery Nursery**
Babies' Club Profile:
Babies' club nursery was started to address the needs of today’s family – in an Inspiring, loving, and caring environment. Our programs are designed to enhance your child’s development through a well-structured and creative curriculum.
We are a quality home away from home. At our center, your child feels safe, protected, loved and wanted – just like at home. Our faculty members understand children and appreciate their efforts by responding with hugs, pats on the back, and other similar encouraging gestures to motivate them.
Our programs offer diverse opportunities that allow your child to develop new skills, and enhance existing ones. We also provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities to stimulate your child’s physical growth. Through parent-teacher communication, we personalize each child’s learning opportunities.
We help your child develop a positive self-image, a sense of independence and self-discipline - and lay the found
Our mission is to provide a nurturing, affectionate and challenging environment to children, and instill traits that will make them independent.
We will prepare your child for successful entry into school. We will make use of innovative tools and methods. This is how we will achieve our goal of making them grow while they play.
We firmly believe that interesting things are easy to learn. We will make things interesting for your child so that he/she will form a healthy and lifelong interest in learning. This will help your child to find his/her own space in the real world - confidently and without inhibition.
We will help our students build a positive approach towards life - and a sense of imagination. We will instill the traits of dreaming, thinking and achieving in them. We work on the philosophy that learning is an innate process and it should be unfolded naturally rather than being forced. Moreover, every child is not the same, and that is why understanding levels will differ. We will provide a low teacher-to-children ratio to give adequate attention to each child.

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