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Essendon Doutta Stars Football Club

Essendon Doutta Stars Football Club

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"The Essendon Doutta Stars Football Club is pleased to announce the launch of their very own Native App for the iPhone.

The Essendon Doutta Stars is a very proud football club and forms part of the Essendon District Football League

The club continues to strive to be a trend setter in the league both on and off the field.

The App will serve as your number one point of access for anything to do with the club.

The App features include:

- Latest News
- Results
- Ladders
- Club Sponsors
- Player profiles
- Opposition Grounds
- Merchandise
- Membership
- Teams
- Statistics and much much more.

The App will be critical to you staying in touch with the club no matter where you are in the world.

If you love the club and love football, do not hesitate to download the App.

If you have any suggestions are queries please do not hesitate to contact us at info@thirdmanapps.com"

Reason for the registration page:

The reason why we have included the registration page in our apps is because it serves a very important function in the apps and in particular the users of the apps.

As you can imagine sports clubs are made up of all kinds of different people and they vary in team, age, gender, skill level and their actual role within the club.

The registration page allows the club admin to send push notifications to pre- selected groups rather than having to send the push notification to all users who have downloaded the app.

This is an extremely important function to have as not all users of the app will want to receive information about every single team.

An example of this would be if the Under 13 boys soccer team were playing on the weekend. The boys who play in the Under 17 team have no interest whatsoever in the details of the under 13 boys soccer team's game on the weekend. The registration page allows the club admin to send out a push notification to only those boys who form part of the under 13 boys soccer team rather than the whole entire club.

Without this feature the club admin will send the message to the whole club. You can imagine given the fact that some of the clubs have in excess of 25 teams, receiving messages about every single team would become quite annoying and would generally force user to then turn off the push notifications that the club admin is sending via the app, thus essentially making the app redundant as one of the major reasons clubs are using the apps are to improve their lines of communication with their players, members, supporters and sponsors.

The registration page is of critical importance to the app because it provides the functionality to the club admin of sending out group push notifications to a targeted audience and thereby ensuring the exact targeted group of people within the club receive the message and in the process the push notifications are not annoying or distracting users of the app who have no interest in the message being sent out by the club admin.

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