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Econ Blog

Econ Blog

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Econ Blog
Econ Blog
Econ Blog
Reading is an essential thing for us to keep ourselves updated about what is going on around us. It enlightens the brain and gives us information. Using the browser everytime to read is pain-staking process. Thus, we bring to you an app that does all the blog reading for you.
Econ blog is a blog reader that fetches you news feeds from various sources which you prefer and give you the latest news. Using this app you can add any blog you want and the app fetches you the updates from the blog and gives it to you in a single place.
It gives you the top four latest feeds from all the blogs and you can individually go to a single feed and read all the posts from the blog page.

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    这版Econ Blog竟然是免费软件,先下载试试,多谢分享。
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    之前的Econ Blog挺好用的啊,一下子就跳到了1,反而有点接受不了。