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Laokang® Pinyin Test老康®考你拼音

Laokang® Pinyin Test老康®考你拼音

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This app is a diagnostic test of pinyin proficiency for students of Chinese at all levels. Mastery of Pinyin is essential for learning Chinese. How good is yours? This free app gives you the answer in five minutes. Take it again and again as your study progresses, until you consistently score three stars.

In order to provide the most valid test of your pinyin level in the shortest time, Laokang Pinyin Test uses nonsense words in monotone. Your vocabulary level and ability with tones neither helps nor hurts your pinyin score.

The listening test plays 26 three-syllable words, one at a time. Type in the corresponding pinyin, then tap to advance to the next word. All the sounds of Chinese (what linguists call “phonemes”) are included at least twice. Your score is based on the percentage of sounds you have entered correctly (perfect score 100), minus a penalty point for each word which you could not enter within 10 seconds.

There are three slightly different versions of the test which use a different set of words. To measure your pinyin proficiency, you should take the best result from three tries. When you score three stars, your pinyin is fluent.

For the speaking test the same 26 three-syllable words are displayed in pinyin, and the user records them one at a time. After 26 words, you (or a classmate or teacher) grade the test by entering the pinyin for the words you just recorded (grading works just like the listening test).

If you are not happy with your Pinyin Test score, try "Laokang Pinyin Trainer" for iPhone and iPad.

Note: Laokang Pinyin Test does not attempt to perfect a student’s Chinese accent until it sounds native, rather it aims at measuring proficiency, the ability to distinguish all the phonemes (the basic distinctive units of sounds used in Chinese), and pronounce them all well enough to be understood.

本程序是一个考核拼音熟练程度的标准化测试, 适用于所有语言水平层次的学生。掌握拼音对学习汉语来说至关重要, 你的拼音有多好?这个免费的程序五分钟就可以给你答案。在的学习过程中反复地进行测试, 直到你的分数保持在三颗星。

为了在最短的时间内最有效的测试出你的拼音水平“老康考你拼音” 使用的词是仅以单音调读出的、无实际意义的,因此你的词汇量和对声调的掌握程度不会影响你的得分。

本测试会播放26个三音节词, 每次1个, 听完后请输入相应的拼音。测试中你会听到汉语所有的声母和韵母至少两次。根据你的测试情况最高得分为100分。如果听到一组词后10秒内不能完成相应拼音的输入, 你将会被扣1分。

本测试有三个稍微不同的版本轮流出现, 每个版本音节的组合都有所不同。你可以取三次测试中的最好成绩来衡量你拼音的熟练程度。如果分数达到三颗星, 那你的拼音很流利。


如果你对你拼音水准不满意,欢迎你使用另外的APP “老康教你拼音”。

备注:“老康考你拼音” 并不用于判断你的发音像说母语一样好,只能衡量你拼音熟练程度及区分音素的能力,使你的发音能被听懂。

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