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Laokang® Tone Test   老康®考你声调

Laokang® Tone Test 老康®考你声调

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This app is a diagnostic test of tone proficiency for students of Chinese at all levels. Mastery of Tones is essential for learning Chinese. How good are yours? This free app gives you the answer in under three minutes. Take it again and again as your study progresses, until you consistently score three stars.

Most words in Mandarin Chinese are two syllables, with 20 possible intonations. Each test includes the word "mama" in all 20 combinations in random order. Your score accurately measures your mastery of tones, regardless of your vocabulary level or pinyin level.

The listening test plays 20 words, one at a time. Tap the tones you hear, then advance to the next word. After 20 words your score is shown, which is based 80% on accuracy and 20% on speed.

The speaking test displays the tone diagrams for the same 20 words, one at a time. Record “mama” using the tones shown, then advance to the next diagram. After 20 words, you (or a classmate or teacher) grade the test by tapping the tone marks for the words you just recorded (grading works just like the listening test).

Students still scoring one star or less, or who desire to perfect their tones, are welcome to buy "Laokang Tone Trainer" which is guaranteed to dramatically improve their score.

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